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Zong Monthly Call Packages

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Zong Monthly Call Packages

Zong monthly call packages provide 1,000 internet minutes, 100 minutes off-grid, 1,000 text messages, and 1,000MB of free internet data. This is a relatively cheap package, and you can subscribe for 358 rupees a month. This package provides all services for a whole month at the lowest cost. Zong provides another all-in-one package that is very popular among Zong users; the package is Zong All in 1 Bundle, which has various functions required by customers.

The package provides 2000 minutes of Internet calls, 150 minutes of Internet calls, 2000 text messages, 2000 MB of WhatsApp, and 2000 MB of 4G Internet service Internet data, and the package fee is 500 rupees. It consists of packages such as Zong Power Pack SIMS and Monthly Power Pack 500 (starter package). The package provides 1000 minutes of intranet, 50 minutes of extranet, 1000 text messages, and 2500MB mobile Internet data package. 500 rupees a month.

Zong also provides its customers with super card discounts, called Zong Super Card Package, which provides 2000 minutes of network and 150 minutes of the network, 2000 SMS package, 2000MB of WhatsApp Internet data, and 2000MB of Internet data and Internet services. All the customer has to do is recharge a card worth 500 rupees.

Zong Monthly Call Packages

BundleOn-Net MinutesOff-Net MinutesMBsSMSValidityPriceActivation Code
Mahana Voice Offer3,00000030 DaysRs. 88*36#
Shandar Mahana Offer1,0001001,0001,00030 DaysRs. 305*1000#
Voice 425 Min Bundle425 (All Network)050030 DaysRs. 600*6464#
Voice 900 Min Bundle900 (All Network)01,00030 DaysRs. 1,200*6464#
Hello Monthly Bundle1000110030 DaysRs. 170*6464#

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