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Ufone WhatsApp Package

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Ufone WhatsApp Package

WhatsApp is an indispensable part of people’s lives today; therefore, the Ufone WhatsApp package is very necessary to discuss. These Ufone Whatsapp packages are based on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. WhatsApp is a social application that is widely used to send text messages, make voice calls and video chats from all over the world.

Ufone Daily WhatsApp Packages

Ufone provides its users with many unique offers and packages on social applications in Ufone Daily WhatsApp Packages every day.

Package Activation Code Price Volume Validity Status Check
Ufone Daily WhatsApp BundleDail *630#Rs. 5Unlimited 1 DayDail *706#
Ufone Special Whatsapp BundleDail *3461#Rs. 6500 MB1 AM to 9 PM
Ufone Daily Light Whatsapp BundleDail *2256#Rs. 12550 MB1 Day
Ufone Daily Heavy Whatsapp BundleDail *2258#Rs. 18575 MB1 Day
Ufone Social Daily BundleDail *4422#Rs. 6100 MB1 Day
Ufone Daily Whatsapp Chat BundleDail *3465#Rs. 6500 MB1 Day

Ufone Daily WhatsApp Bundle

Unlimited 3G/4G megabytes and 10,000 SMS are available in the Ufone Daily WhatsApp package for just Rs 5. To get the offer, dial *630# and to check the remaining MBs and text, dial *706#. The validity of this package is for 24 hours or a day. To deactivate, dial *6301#.

Ufone Special Daily Whatsapp Bundle

Ufone’s special daily Whatsapp package provides you with 500MB of WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Twitter, and 50MB of Internet surfing. The package is available from 1 am to 9 pm, and the price is only 6 rupees. The code for subscribing to the offer is *3461#.

Ufone Daily Light Whatsapp Bundle

In the Ufone Daily Light Whatsapp package, Ufone provides you with 500 MB of Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Line, and 40 MB to surf the Internet with RS 12. This offer is valid until midnight of the day. To get this package, you must dial *2256#.

Ufone Daily Heavy Whatsapp Bundle

Using the Ufone Daily Heavy Whatsapp package for only 18 rupees, you can easily get 75MB of browsing space and 500MB of social application space. The package lasts until midnight on the selected day. To subscribe, please dial *2258#.

Ufone Social Daily Bundle

The Ufone Social Daily Bundle provides you with 100MB of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter for only 6 rupees. This offer is valid until midnight today. The code to subscribe to this promotion is *4422#.

Ufone Daily Whatsapp Chat Bundle

The Ufone Daily Whatsapp Chat bundle provides 500MB and 10,000 text messages for WhatsApp at a price of 6 rupees. The offer is available until midnight. If you want to subscribe to the Ufone daily Whatsapp Chat bundle, you must dial *3465#.

Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Due to the long-term availability, monthly offers are very impressive; therefore, Ufone customers have a high demand for monthly WhatsApp packages from Ufone. Users will get excited when these packages provide MB not only for WhatsApp but also for other applications or browsers.

Package Activation Code Price Volume Validity
Ufone Monthly Light Whatsapp BundleDail *7807#Rs. 3903 GB30 Days
Ufone Monthly Heavy Whatsapp BundleDail *803#Rs. 7805 GB30 Days
Ufone Monthly Max Whatsapp BundleDail *5100#Rs. 156012 GB30 Days
Ufone Monthly Social BundleDail *5858#Rs. 601 GB30 Days
Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback OfferDail *3#Rs. 2003 GB30 Days

Ufone Monthly Light Whatsapp Bundle

The Ufone Monthly Light Whatsapp Bundle provides you with 2 GB of WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, or Twitter internet and 1 GB for browsing. This offer is valid for 30 days and the price is RS 390. If you want to receive the discount, you must dial *7807#.

Ufone Monthly Heavy Whatsapp Bundle

In Ufone Monthly Heavy Whatsapp Bundle, you can get 2GB of internet for mobile applications such as WhatsApp and 3GB for exploring the internet for only 780 rupees. The re-subscription number is *803#.

Ufone Monthly Max Whatsapp Bundle

Ufone Monthly Max Whatsapp Bundle provides up to 2GB of space per month for WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Twitter, and 10GB of space for Internet access. This bundle is valid for 30 days and the price is 1560 rupees. You can easily subscribe to the discount by dialing *5100#.

Ufone Monthly Social Bundle

In Ufone’s monthly social package, there is now a monthly social offer. Only 60 rupees for a whole month or 30 days. It provides you with a total of 1 GB of WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook. If you want to get this package, just call *5858#.

Ufone Monthly Lite Cashback Offer

The Ufone monthly Lite Cashback Bundle is amazing because it shares 1 GB of Internet views and 2 GB of WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, or Twitter Internet for only 250 rupees and a cashback of 50 rupees. By dialing *3#, you can display some instructions on the phone screen and follow these instructions to use the discount.

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