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Ufone Super Card

Step Forwarding to the Future

Ufone Super Card

Ufone Super Card combines four different benefits into one card. Detailed information and subscription codes for 520, 550, Mini, and Plus are included in the company’s Super Card series. The Ufone Super Card package will be updated every month.

Ufone Super Card Gold

PriceRs. 999
Off-Net Minutes300 Minutes
U-U & PTCL MinutesUnlimited
Internet5 GB + Unlimited Facebook
Validity30 Days
Subscription CodeDail *900#

Ufone recently launched a new Gold offer. It will cost you 1,000 rupees and will provide phone, internet and SMS packages. Super Card Cold is valid for one month and can be re-subscribed after monthly use. The main features of the card are 5 GB of Internet data and free Facebook.

Super Card Plus

PriceRs. 599
U-U & PTCL Minutes1200 Minutes
Off-Net Minutes180 Minutes
Internet1500 MBs
SMS4200 Messages
Subscription CodeDail *250#

This is an All-Star, and only the rupee can provide amazing relief for a whole month. 599! Therefore, whether you need meeting records, text messages, or the Interne44t, you only need to register for a discount to enjoy it all.

Super Card

PriceRs. 550
U-U & PTCL Minutes1000 Minutes
Off-Net Minutes150 Minutes
Internet1200 MBs
SMS4000 Messages
Subscription CodeDail *240#

Enjoy minutes, SMS, and the internet for a whole month (30 days), at a suitable price of just Rs 550.

Mini Super Card

PriceRs. 330
U-U & PTCL Minutes500 Minutes
Off-Net Minutes75 Minutes
Internet600 MBs
SMS3500 Messages
Subscription CodeDail *230#

Ufone Super Card Mini will cost you only Rs 330. Stay social and connected with Freind & Family for the whole 15 days, with minutes, SMS, and MBs.

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