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Jazz Advance Code

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Jazz Advance Code

Have you ever encountered a situation where you now need to call someone or register for an offer, but when you dial a number or code, it tells you that you don’t have enough money? We think you are, so we provide complete information about Jazz Advance Code. Therefore, you will not have to go through the same situation again.

  • To use the Jazz Loan service, please dial *112#.
  • You will earn Rs points. 15 Immediately.
  • The service fee for Jazz Advance is Rs. 4.60 + tax.

Jazz Advance Code 30 Rupees

Jazz users can take advantage of loans up to 30 rupees, yes, you read that right. Jazz provides its users with the convenience of obtaining advance payments of up to Rs. 30. It will be deducted the next time when you recharge. You only need to call the Jazz Advance credit code *112# twice, and the amount will be immediately charged in two installments.

How Can I Get Loan on Jazz

If you want to know how to get a jazz loan, please don’t hesitate, just follow the simple steps below.

  • If your balance is below the Rs threshold, you can use Jazz Advance Credit. 100.
  • All you have to do is to dial *112# and fill your balance with Rs. 15.
  • A service charge of Rs. 4.60 + taxes and fees that will be deducted in the next recharge.
  • Jazz users can use the offer twice and get a total of Rs. 30 as a loan.

Terms and condition

  • When you use Jazz Advance, the amount of Rs.17.99 (i.e. prepaid 15 rupees + tax 2.99 rupees) service fee will be deducted from the next top-up.
  • You can only get a payment of Rs. 15 twice Until the next recharge time, within the validity period of the subscription.
  • Once you sign up for Jazz Advance, the service will be available within the next 4 hours, and you can get a down payment when your balance is less than Rs. The premise is that the previous advance payment has been repaid.
  • 12.5% withholding tax applies to return shipping charges/invoices
  • In Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK regions, 5% service charge, 5% recharge operation charge, and 19.5% operation charge
  • In the Federal Territories, FATA, AJK, Gilgit-Baltistan, use 5.11% service fee, 5.11% recharge operation fee, and 17% FED
  • Federal Territories, FATA, AJK, and Gilgit Baltistan will charge 2.14% higher fees
  • Spam and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by sending a text message to 9000 -PTA to report the sender number (space)

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