Fiverr Unable To Process Payment [Fixed] – 2023 Update

Why is Fiverr Unable to Process Payment

  • Fiverr is one of the best freelancing platforms. But, When a card transaction is unsuccessful (an error occurred during checkout), there may be a record of a pending transaction on your bank statement. This is because the authorization request is sent to the banking institution.
  •  In the event of an error/failure, Fiverr will ensure the authorization is revoked. Depending on the processing time of the selected bank, the canceled authorized funds must be returned to your card within 2-7 days.
  •  Revocation of authorization differs from the refund process, so there will be no refund record on your bank statement. The funds initially held by the bank for the transaction will be refunded to your card balance.
  •  When a PayPal transaction is unsuccessful (an error occurred during checkout), there may be a pending transaction record on your bank statement.
  •  PayPal handles this issue accordingly by releasing the funds held initially/withheld. If this does not work, we recommend contacting PayPal directly.

What are the common reasons for Fiverr Payment Issues?

When the Fiverr payment process fails, we recommend that you check the following:

  • Is the card information you entered correctly?
  •  Is your card currently valid?
  •  Are there restrictions on your card?
  •  Have you contacted your bank to ensure that you can make payments to international companies located in Israel?

What Are My Options When Fiverr Payment Declined

  • Please get in touch with your credit card company to make sure there are no issues with your card.
  •  If you are trying to pay via PayPal, we recommend that you contact PayPal to ask for an explanation of the reason for the non-payment
  •  If you use a credit card, you can choose to use PayPal.
  •  If you use PayPal, please try a different credit card from the same banking institution.
  •  If you only try to buy once, try again.
  •  Do not press the “back” button on the browser or refresh the page. To try again, please start the checkout process from the beginning.

If you have tried all these options and everything is ok, but the payment has failed, you can contact Fiverr customer support for more help.

Why Was I Charged Twice When Fiverr Payment Issues Ocurre?

Why is Fiverr unable to process payments? A batch may be executed multiple times for two reasons.

  • By clicking the back arrow in the browser or refreshing the page, the logout session is interrupted, or the activity is repeated. It is not recommended to click “Back” or refresh on the checkout page.
  •  Press the payment button twice. When making multiple attempts to make a purchase, sometimes the payment processor authorizes multiple attempts, resulting in the card being charged twice.

What should I do if I’m charged twice for a Fiverr payment?

If your bill has been billed multiple times, don’t hesitate to contact Fiverr’s customer support team for further assistance. To expedite the process, please provide the following information:

For payment through PayPal

(Fiverr paypal not working)

  • Your username or email
  •  PayPal Transaction ID#
  •  Amount of purchase
  •  Fiverr order number (beginning with “FO”)

For the payment through credit/debit card method

  • Your username or email
  •  The first six digits of the card (card container)
  •  The last 4 of the card
  •  Purchase amount and date
  •  The fifth order number (starting with “FO”), if the order has not been created, the order number is not included.

How can I contact Fiverr customer support for payment-related issues?

If you’re experiencing payment-related issues on Fiverr, you can contact Fiverr’s 24/7 customer support team for assistance. There are two ways to contact Fiverr customer support for payment-related issues:

1# Contact Fiverr customer support through the Fiverr Help Center

Fiverr Help Page

> Go to the Fiverr Help Center:

Search By Category - Fiverr Help Center

> In the search by category menu, select Payments & withdrawals.

Contact Us - Fiverr Help Center Online

> Enter your full name, your active email address, and a brief description of your issue in the Message box by clicking the [Contact Us] button at the bottom of the page.

> Click on Submit.

2# Contact Fiverr customer support through live chat

> Go to the Fiverr Help Center:

> Click on the [Live chat] option in the bottom right corner of the page.

> Select Payments & withdrawals from the Category dropdown menu.

> Click on Start Chat.

You can contact Fiverr customer support 24/7, but the response time may vary depending on the time of day and the volume of inquiries.

Bottom Line

We hope the above methods will do the job for you. But if Fiverr cannot process payment, please try another payment method or contact Fiverr support for further assistance. The best solution to this problem is to contact Fiverr support and ask them to help you solve it. They can provide guidance and assistance to help you process your payment.

Please share in the comments if you have any other solution to this problem. It will be much appreciated..!

Fiverr Payment FAQ

Why is my Fiverr payment not working?

When a Fiverr payment not working, ensure that:
·         Your card information has been accurately entered.
·         Your card remains valid.
·         There are no card limit restrictions in place.

Why is my payment method being declined?

Various factors can lead to a card being declined, such as:
·         Insufficient funds in the account.
·         An expired card.
·         Billing address discrepancies.
·         Incorrect card details provided by the customer.

How long does it take for Fiverr payments to clear?

Payments on Fiverr become available after an order is marked as complete. This follows a clearance period of either 14 days (standard) or seven days (for top-rated sellers). Withdrawals are only possible after the clearance period concludes.

How does Fiverr process payments?

Fiverr operates on a prepayment model, where buyers make upfront payments. Upon successful delivery and completion of an order, sellers receive 80% of the total order value. For instance, if a service costs $10, the seller will receive $8 for the completed order.

Why is Fiverr declining my payment?

Fiverr may decline payments for various reasons. Please verify that:
·         Your payment details are accurately entered.
·         Your credit/debit card is valid and not expired.

Why is Fiverr not accepting my payment?

If a payment fails, double-check that:
·         Your card information has been entered correctly.
·         Your card remains valid.
·         There are no restrictions on your card.

Why is my Fiverr payment pending?

A pending payment indicates that your client has accepted your order or has been three days since you delivered your service gig. You must wait 14 days before your earnings become available in your balance. Once open, you can request a payout with confidence.

How many days does Fiverr take to clear payments?

Fiverr adopts a 14-day clearing period for standard Sellers to ensure satisfaction and smooth processing. However, TopRated Sellers (TRS), Seller Plus Premium sellers, and PRO sellers enjoy a shorter 7-day clearing period for their transactions.

What payment methods does Fiverr accept?

To streamline the checkout process on Fiverr, you can securely save your preferred payment method, including credit or debit cards and your PayPal account.

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